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Pujdeme created a new party

Пучдемон создал новую партиюNow in Catalonia is valid for at least three parties that favor independence from Madrid.

The former head of the government of Catalonia Carles Pujdeme established a new party called “Challenge” (Crida).

The first party meeting took place on 27 October in the Catalan town of Manresa, and Pujdeme spoke to them via videoconference from Brussels, reports DW.

“Putteman… called on all supporters of the independence of Catalonia to unity and continue the struggle for the secession of the region from Spain,” – said in the message.

As noted, some former allies of the leader of the separatists who expressed moderate positions and refuse to join the new party.

Now in Catalonia is valid for at least three parties that favor independence from Madrid. In the last parliamentary elections in the region, three of the party campaigning for the independence of Catalonia, in total, have more than half of the 135 parliamentary seats in the new Parliament. However, most votes received the party of “the people”, advocating for the unity of the region with Spain.

The political crisis in Catalonia began on 1 October 2017, when the region was held forbidden by the authorities in Madrid a referendum on independence from Spain. According to the Catalan government, more than 90 percent of people who participated in it, supported the independence of the region.

The government of Spain has declared the referendum illegal, and subsequently dissolved the Parliament and the government of Catalonia after they adopted the Declaration of independence of the region.

Currently, several leaders of the independence movement in custody or, as Pujdeme in exile.

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