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Published the may presidential rating

Опубликован майский президентский рейтингIn the survey the responses of respondents who declared readiness to vote.

In the may presidential ranking leaders Yulia Timoshenko, Anatoly Gritsenko and Yuri Boiko, the current head of state Petro Poroshenko takes the fourth place in the race. These survey results announced today at a press conference, the Director of social services center. Razumkov Andriy Bychenko.

If elections were held in may, the first place in the presidential rating would take Yulia Tymoshenko (13.3%), and the second – Anatoly Gritsenko (9,4%), the third – Yury Boyko (8.4%), Petro Poroshenko (7.6 percent), Oleh Liashko (7.4 per cent), Svyatoslav Vakarchuk of 5.6%, Vadim Rabinovich – 5.5%, Vladimir Zelensky and 5.0%.

In the survey the responses of respondents who declared readiness to vote.

The vast majority of citizens (68%) plan to participate in the presidential elections in Ukraine, while definitely not want to take such participation only 17% (the remaining respondents are still undecided in this issue). Among the regions differ somewhat South where the level of readiness to participate in the elections much less – 54%, and the West, where the willingness to participate in the presidential elections, the highest – 76%.

“I would like to emphasize that the group of Boyko to Zelensky – although nominally they have different percentages, but the difference between them is not statistically significant, that is, through sampling error, we cannot say how they would set. But the first two candidates – Tymoshenko and Hrytsenko – they would have a certain detachment,” said Bychenko.

Bychenko noted that the survey results depend heavily on offer the respondents a list, and this list may differ from the list of candidates who actually go to the polls. In the list of candidates for presidential elections, pollsters have included the people and the voters know “which I suspect that they can take part in the elections.”

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