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Published the full text of the will.

Опубликован полный текст завещания СенцоваThe Director asks to film his movies and to transfer all rights to his children.

Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov was asked to publish my last will and Testament, which he wrote in September and gave my sister Natalie Kaplan.

In a letter of 7 September 2018 Sentsov will the film adaptation of his work the Director Eugene Brady. Sentsov also appointed successors of their children, Alina and Vladislav.

The full text of the will:

“I Sentsov, being of sound mind and memory give and bequeath in the event of my death, the filming of movies in my scenarios, such as “Rhino”, “Kai”, also written by me in captivity, “Brilliant world”, “Crow” and “Christie’s”, my companion and the second Director, Eugene Brady as a Director. In the case of her refusal, she has the right to choose whom to entrust the film adaptation and choose the company of the producer of these films.

Successors, heirs and recipients of my fees after my death, I appoint my children: Sentsovo Alina and Vladislav Sentsov. A will drawn up in the IR-8 city of Labytnangi in the presence of and certified by my lawyer Dmitry Dinze. 07.09.18″.

Опубликован полный текст завещания Сенцова

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