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Published the first trailer of poison Ivy in Injustice 2

Опубликован первый трейлер Ядовитого Плюща в Injustice 2In the video, seemingly fragile girl ruthlessly superheroes and super villains, calling on the help of horrible monsters.

With the help of numerous videos, the developers at NetherRealm Studios showed us already a lot of superheroes and supervillains, from which we will struggle in the upcoming fighting game Injustice 2. However, as it turns out, we showed not all game characters.

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Today’s snippet of gameplay Injustice 2 is devoted to one of the most dangerous ladies of Gotham — the red-haired Charmer, nicknamed poison Ivy.

As it says in the description that Dr. Pamela Isley was once a botanist biochemist with an innovative radical views and to transform the whole world into a place where plants could flourish in security. Well, now with their Pets, the lady deftly gets rid of the opponents.

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Injustice 2 will go on sale may 19, 2017 for the PlayStation ® 4 and Xbox One.

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