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Published “live” pictures of the hydrogen truck Nikola One

Опубликованы "живые" снимки водородного грузовика Nikola OneFuturistic truck Nikola One showed live.

American company Nikola Motor, DoppelgangeR (in name of) Tesla, several months teased the public with computer illustrations of your most powerful truck Nikola One with zero emissions, has finally seen it firsthand at a special event in salt lake city, Utah, USA.

Initially, the developers planned to equip the vehicle with “range extender”, just like the BMW i3, which was to be used gas-turbine plant, operating on natural gas. But then changed his mind and decided to replace its hydrogen fuel cells.

The rejection diesel engine made tractor 900 pounds lighter, which gives the possibility to increase the load of nearly one ton. On the other hand, there are concerns about the refueling the car with hydrogen. But the company says that to build in the United States and southern Canada 364 hydrogen filling stations, and to begin to run 56 pieces by 2020.

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The leasing agreement includes a monthly fee of 5 to 7 thousand dollars within 72 months or 1 000 000 miles (1 600 000 km), depending on whichever comes first. During this period, the company will provide a full tank of hydrogen and charging of the batteries from their stations and at the end of the lease term promise to replace and the truck.

If the client chooses the biggest battery, you’ll get the opportunity to drive on one tank of hydrogen 1 930 km, of course, depending on how it goes and what luck. Maximum battery capacity is 320 kW/h, but the parameters of power changed: now the car will generate only 1 013 HP with a torque of 2 712 Nm. Fuel costs equivalent to 15.7 l/100 km, which is approximately two times less consuming than conventional tractors. If you run out of hydrogen or refuse fuel cell, the car can drive 160 km using a rechargeable battery.

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Unique powerplant promises to lower the center of gravity and create a spacious and comfortable cab with improved all-round visibility (due to the narrow columns). Inside install a huge 15-inch touch screen that controls most of the functions, a full-sized bed, TV 4K, 4G, Wi-Fi, a full-sized fridge and freezer.

Currently, Nikola Motor has no real production facilities, so the first 5,000 tractors will be produced in partnership with Fitzgerald. But in the future the newly formed automaker plans to spend $ 1 billion on the construction of its own plant with the capacity of 50 000 cars a year, for already thinking about the next version of the cheaper models Nikola Two.

Опубликованы "живые" снимки водородного грузовика Nikola One
Опубликованы "живые" снимки водородного грузовика Nikola One

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