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Published exciting the night Earth from space

Опубликован захватывающий снимок ночной Земли из космосаIn the picture you can see the glow of the planet’s atmosphere.

NASA has published the night side of Earth was taken by astronauts aboard the International space station. As reported on the Agency’s website, the picture was taken October 7 at the moment when the ISS was over Australia.

In the picture you can notice your own glow of Earth’s atmosphere – a phenomenon that occurs due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the Sun on molecules of nitrogen and oxygen. The molecules collide among themselves in the lower atmosphere that causes the Aurora.

In may last year, NASA astronauts launched to the ISS experimental inflatable module beam, intended for the accommodation of the members of the station crew. It is planned that tests of the beam will be carried out for at least two years. During this time the astronauts will evaluate its ability to protect from radiation, keep the temperature, as well as to resist the blows of micrometeorites, dust and other factors of the space environment.

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