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Published evidence that Cristiano Ronaldo raped a girl


Recently, the German magazine Spiegel made the controversial statement: Cristiano Ronaldo accused of rape! The publication claims that the soccer star paid the injured girl 375 thousand dollars to hush up the matter.

The incident happened in 2009 in the US, where the athlete was vacationing with his brother and cousin. At the party in one of the hotels of Las Vegas, Ronaldo met a girl: according to witnesses, new friends had a great time together, dancing and actively flirting with each other. Then player I took the girl into her room where, as she claims, and the violence occurred.

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Ronaldo himself denies all the charges, but the newspaper conducted its own investigation and has now published the evidence! Published excerpts from the correspondence of a football player with the Portuguese lawyer, who was engaged in this business, negotiating with the victim and her lawyers.

As it turned out, she initially hoped to 660 thousand euros for silence, and Ronaldo refused to pay this amount, but in the end the parties agreed to 260 thousand. The documents confirming the transfer of funds is signed by the athlete!

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