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Published a new rating of the “Women’s car of the year”

Обнародован новый рейтинг "Женский автомобиль года"Turns out that women are better than men understand in a luxurious and comfortable car.

We learned the names of the most women’s car of the year, announced that journalist of the jury of the competition Womens World Car of the Year (“Women’s world car of the year”) and I want to tell you about them. And your opinion on this account we are also very interested, writes the Chronicle.Info with reference on AUTO.RIA.

As you know what God wants — wants a woman. Therefore, the Creator wants peace in the world, getting married, the dress, the relationship is constantly evolving and… car! But what kind of car a woman wants is mystery still the same, especially given the diversity of the modern automotive industry. And although the ways of women are inscrutable, we still decided to try to understand what cars have the liking of the beautiful half of humanity.

Congratulating our favorite ladies on 8 of March, we conducted a major survey and now we present to your attention seven of the most feminine cars of today. Of course, we did not just guess that a model like most girls. Moreover, the time when lady modestly silent about their desires, are long gone. Today we are talking about cars, which became the winners of the “women’s world car of the year” in which 25 women-the motoring journalists representing 20 countries, openly declared their preferences.

Mazda CX-5 – Because it’s true

To argue with a woman is not only stupid, but also dangerous to health. Especially if we are talking about the development of the family. So we even eyebrow does not lead, discussing “Best family car” by women. After all, who but the Keeper of the family hearth, knows about these delicate matters.

This year the main man was the Mazda CX-5 crossover, which, incidentally, had been in the hands of edition AUTO.RIA. We remember him as a crossover-a handsome man, with an impressive interior, which can not only please the eye, but to fight the Ukrainian roads. Though most hard of them.

Ford Fiesta – Because rational

Choosing a life partner, women tend to be very meticulous and pay attention to a great many things. One of the main criteria has always been the financial side. And if the earner is not so successful in this field, he should not even spend the entire family budget. It now goes to the car, or rather, about the car, which won in the nomination “the Best car”.

For leadership in this category in the final, fought three models: Kia Rio, Citroen C3 and Ford Fiesta. The winner of this battle out “Fiesta”, which is already used to national recognition, especially when we are talking about the peoples of Europe.

BMW 5-Series – Because the rich

According to the women, such a spoon as a new BMW 5-Series, by mouth do not carry. This car competed for the hearts of the girls with the Volvo S90 and also the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and all of them bypassed, becoming the “Best premium car of the year”.

By the way, this victory is a clear example of that modern women and men have long been on the same wavelength and just habitually complain about “lost in translation”. After all, BMW 5-Series at the time won the main prize in all-Ukrainian competition “Leader Auto”, where participated representatives of all genders and ages. He was voted the most users, although experts he quite liked — they gave the five and the award in the nomination “Leader technologies”.

Peugeot 3008 – Because imposing

Every, even the strongest and most independent woman dreams at least sometimes to be a little girl. About the feeling, according to dam expert, gives a broad and vivid, the crossover Peugeot 3008, which was the winner in its category.

In the category “Best crossover of the year”, by the way, was also provided by the above Mazda CX5 and Volvo XC60, but the victory went to the French beauty, who last year snatched the first prize in the “absolute” of the competition “European car of the year”. Reaction AUTO.RIA also managed to closely get acquainted with the Peugeot 3008 as part of a test-drive, so my choice, the jury couldn’t agree more. Keep it up, girls!

Honda Civic Type R – Because sports

Cars brand Honda real lady saints. In particular, the Civic became the winner of the “women’s world car of the year” is not the first time. This year’s model received an award in the new category “Women’s car of the year”.

In the struggle for a girl’s attention won version of the Civic Type R, leaving behind the Mazda MX5 RF and the BMW M2 with broken hearts. Japanese sports car last year, not only in word but also deed confirmed their claim to the award. In the spring he set a record Nurburgring and was the fastest front wheel drive production car of the track. “Northern loop” it is skirted in just 7 minutes and 43.8 seconds.

McLaren 720S – Machine dreams

It is generally accepted that women spend a lot of time in their dreams. But what they see — the secret covered with a gloom. However, when they dream about the car in front of them appears McLaren 720S — this they told. So, the nomination “dream Car” went to this British supercar.

Dream, frankly, not bad — the cost of such toys is almost 7 million. As an alternative, the winner considered the options and easier, for example, the Aston Martin Rapide S, Aston Martin DB11, Maserati Levante. Although the category was introduced and an even more rare model: Portofino Ferrari GTC4 Ferrari and Russo.

Hyundai Ioniq – He’s the best!

So, it’s time to move on to the main favorite, has captured most women’s hearts — at least belonging to the “olenkina” jury. They became the Hyundai Ioniq, who won in two nominations at once. The machine was called an absolute winner of the “women’s world car of the year” and was given the award as best “Green car.”

In the latter category the new Hyundai Ioniq had to face the Kia Niro and last year’s winner, the Toyota Prius. Nevertheless, women have made their choice, simultaneously dispelling the stereotype that “nerds” with girls anything “does not Shine”.

After studying the issue, I want to believe that we have a little better understanding of the greatest mystery of the universe — what does a woman want? At least, talking about cars, the topic we swim over. Finally it remains only to congratulate all the girls on holiday and wish that all their dreams come true, and in their garages was the most favorite cars.

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