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Published a list of the most mysterious diseases

Опубликован список самых загадочных болезнейScientists have published a list of diseases that are still a mystery to medicine.

Even modern science cannot explain the nature of these diseases.

Scientists published a list of the strangest diseases in the world. On the honorable first place was the Marburg virus. This disease discovered in 1967, but is still a mystery for physicians. The virus contributes to the opening of internal bleeding and is transmitted via primates. Second place was awarded to “sudden infant death syndrome”. This horrible disease appears in children from one month to one year. The winner of this syndrome die in their sleep for no apparent reason. Scientists can not explain this phenomenon.

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The following the disease is very unusual, it is called encephalitis Lethargica. With this disease are in a state of eternal sleep outside, however, inside their minds awake.

The list also includes diseases such as sternocleidomastoid syndrome, “the English sweat”, Ebola syndrome, the Gulf war, the Peruvian meteorite illness. The weirdest disease in the animal world, doctors believe mad cow disease, which animals have the brain turned into calopogonium mass.

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