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Published a list of the most inaccurate airports in the world

Опубликован перечень самых неточных аэропортов мираAccount for flight delays and cancellations for technical reasons, but also because of the bad weather.

Agency experts FlightStats listed airports with most delays and cancellations in the first week of 2017.

The list includes two of the air port in North America. At the airport Charlotte (North Carolina) 505 flights canceled, nearly 1.3 thousand flights were delayed. The same indicators for the harbors Hartsfield-Jackson (GA) was 445 and 2.5 thousand flights respectively.

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In all, 40 U.S. States have issued storm warnings in early 2017. North America accounted for half of all canceled flights in this period (over 7.6 thousand sorties).

As for Europe, here the most serious disruptions in the schedule has affected the Ataturk airport in Istanbul. There were cancelled flights and 606 378 detained. In the other Istanbul airport — Sabiha Gokcen cancelled flight 91 and 302 were detained.

In Asia experience any problems in two Chinese airports — Zhengzhou Xinzheng in Henan province and Zhengding (Hebei province). In both transport hubs in total, 550 canceled flights and delayed more than 1.1 thousands of sorties.

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Globally in the first week of the year it was canceled and arrested 15 249 161 360 flights.

The most punctual airline of 2016 in the rating FlightStats was the Spanish Iberia.

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