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Publish a book-encyclopedia “Aliens: report of the weyland – Yutani”

Another day in the “Zone Horror” continues. You say how can! And so every day news about the “Covenant”! That is what it is, but right now, no word on the upcoming blockbuster, which opens in Russia on may 18 (and at the same time it comes out and from the official novelization Alan Dean foster). All, all are silent, even about the latest issue of “World of fiction” with images of the cover does not say. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The guys from the office Astrel-SPb, involved in foreign fiction, has prepared for the holiday surprise. It turns out that recently they have put in print the book “Aliens: report of the weyland – Yutani”. This unique edition actually – encyclopedia on the world of Others. 168 pages in the format of the accounting report on the contacts of earthlings and the alien.

Hundreds of years scientists of the Corporation “weyland – Yutani” gathering information about the alien life-form so powerful that its military applications seems almost limitless. In the following report you will find extensive information about this creature is from a description of its unusual life cycle to study different variations of others, like egg-laying Queen or a super-fast alien force on the planet Fiorina – 161. Detailed and highly confidential document reflects the complete history of the collision of humanity with alien, it unveiled previously classified records of the ship “Prometheus” and the testimony of witnesses, including Lieutenant Ellen Ripley, corporal Dwayne Hicks and captain Arthur of Dallas. Analyzes equipment and weapons that were used to fight the alien. Complemented by original illustrations, this comprehensive, encyclopedic work contains all the information that you need to survive when meeting the “perfect body”.

The book will go on sale in the summer, it will be with color printing and coated paper. A great gift for fans. A few pages from the American edition of you can find below.

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