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Psychotherapists have debunked key myths about the nervous system

Психотерапевты развенчали основные мифы о нервной системеSome “scientific facts” about the irregularities in the functioning of the nervous system were nothing but a delusion.

Many people do not even guess about the true causes nervous breakdowns and other forms of improper functioning of the nervous system. And certainly, few people suffering from nervous disorders, seek help from a qualified psychologists or psychotherapists.

Experts debunk the main myths about the nervous system:

1. Nerve cells cannot be restored. In fact, the death of nerve cells is a normal process occurring constantly, and so arranged by nature, not external factors. If we talk about the impact of stress, here the nutrients are destroyed, contributing to normal functioning of the nervous system and she does not have time to recover, in consequence of which there may be serious violations.

2. Smokers can’t give up cigarettes because they have no willpower. In fact, their nervous system can not withstand the surge and does not allow to reject the product (nicotine), which for a certain period of time contributed to a change in its activities and now she got used to it, as a drug.

3. All illness is the cause of nerves. This myth used to believe and articulate it every time people are exposed to stress daily, gets sick, and no matter what. If indeed all illness was due to nerves, that translates to quite teachers, doctors, military, police, senior managers and all other people who are at work and nervous.

4. Depressive disorder occurs in everyone who went through a difficult life situation. With this, doctors do not agree, because each of people has challenges, losses, separations and other “problems” throughout his life, but depression is not all immersed.

5. Nervous disorders occur due to stress.

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