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Psychotherapists denied the most popular myths about depression

Психотерапевты опровергли самые популярные мифы о депрессииScientists told the whole truth about depressive disorder that everyone should know.

Depression is the most common concept that is usually associated with a bad mood. But in reality, people with a depressive disorder in need of professional assistance of therapists, because to get out of this condition he had no strength. This is the main difference of depression from a banal apathy, which is easy to eradicate with pleasant emotions.

Scientists have compiled a list of myths and incorrect judgments about depression that need to take note of every one of us:

Antidepressants depression is not cured. In fact, this category of drugs quite effective in the treatment of depressive disorders but it is important that the person taking the pills will help him. To deal with this will help the doctor, self in this situation is highly undesirable.

In depression the person is able to commit suicide. It is very important to understand that depressive disorder completely robs a person’s strength, both physical and moral, and will. That is, in this state, he can’t even get out of bed, not to mention how to go for suicide. But, if a person takes special medication prescribed by the therapist, the energy and will return to it very quickly, but the mood remains decadent. In this case, the patient be left alone with a dangerous, as he could really kill himself.

If you take antidepressants by the therapist contact makes no sense, because the pill without it will help. It’s a pretty common misconception that everyone believes. In fact, the help of an expert in matters of the soul are vital, and to abandon it it is illogical. Antidepressants it is better to combine with psychotherapy, in this case, the effect of healing will manifest much faster and people will be able to heal fully.

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