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Psychologists told how to respond to children’s aggression

Психологи подсказали, как грамотно реагировать на детскую агрессиюChildren’s aggression is a normal reaction.

Every parent at some point growing up baby faces children’s aggression. Such emotions the child shows their disagreement is a normal reaction. But how should parents react to aggression crumbs, reports Chronicaling with reference to Browser.

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Children’s aggression is divided into three types: physical, verbal, and manipulative adult. The main task of parents – to help children to understand their feelings, because very often children do not understand why you react. Do you need to talk through the problem, explain to the child why he is angry, what caused it. For example, “you’re not mad because mom is bad, but because the mother does not give you candy”.

However, very often the parents did not react to the child’s anger, thus educating it in the wrong model of behavior in the future. The most common incorrect responses adults psychologist calls these: aggression in response, ignoring the child and when the parents manipulated and inferior baby.

How to react correctly:

If the child fights, it is very important to stop him. For example, press it to yourself and wait until he calms down. The essence of this method is to show that the adult is stronger, but he does not apply his strength, in response to hitting the baby. You can also allow him to release his anger on an inanimate object – for example, give him a pillow, let them beat her.

If the child complains to the parents, it is important to stop him, immediately applying a punishment that you use in other situations. This should not be physical punishment, but it is important that the child understand that such behavior in the family is not acceptable. In addition, when the baby calms down, it is important to explain to him what he did wrong, and how to show their emotions.

If the child uses manipulation, crying and refuses to do anything until they do, it is important not to give in, but not to punish because punishment can only exacerbate the situation. Talk to him calmly but let them know that you are determined, and will be as you said.

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