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Psychologists shared the recipe for vigor at work after a sleepless night

Психологи поделились рецептом бодрости на работе после бессонной ночиIt became known as recover and be productive if the night did not sleep.

As often, do not sleep, you come to work and can’t seem to gather? Rather, it is a phenomenon familiar to all, but only a few know how to control themselves and, despite a sleepless night, to work in full force. Psychologists are happy to share valuable tips with those who need them. This time they told us how to overcome sleepiness and to regain alertness after a sleepless night, and stay productive worker, easily performing the tasks set before him:

1. Create a sense of “well” started the day. As soon as you Wake up, even slept a couple of hours, let yourself how to Wake up. Do not jump out from under the blanket, don’t run to the computer, open email Inbox, don’t turn the TV on. Be calm. Drink a glass of water with a slice of lemon. Go in the shower. Do the workout. Prepare Breakfast and eat in a relaxed atmosphere. Arriving at work, open mail, answer e-mails, think about work and the upcoming day.

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2. Sort tasks by priority. First, you must write down all the tasks that need to be done today. You can also choose from their cases those that do not perform or delegate someone from their colleagues. Then analyze which of the tasks do not suffer that delay. They should be done in the first place. After the important things you have completed or reached some result, you can proceed to secondary objectives.

3. The maximum concentration. To achieve this effect will help the right snack, which simultaneously eliminate hunger and make the brain work. Plus, you should try not to be distracted by extraneous details on the surrounding people, too much talk, and so on. At work it is necessary to work, and everything else can be solved after the end of the working day or lunch break.

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4. Self-discipline. If you want to be alert, but sleep failed night, psychologists advise not to deviate from their own habits and rules. To cope with the drowsiness will help of coffee and a cool shower, and productivity at work is the achievement of self-discipline. Work in its clear plan, if you have still no own systems work, you certainly create.

5. Rest. Caring leaders allow their subordinates to work for one hour in the afternoon, and not allowed to do 10-minute break every hour. Take advantage of rest breaks, walk around, go outside and get some fresh air, eat, drink coffee or tea — these lessons will give you courage.

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