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Psychologists said that you can learn by watching at the bed of the man

Психологи рассказали, что можно узнать, посмотрев на постель человека Habit to make the bed can testify about many things.

Scientists conducted a study and found out how to determine the strengths and weaknesses of a person in the intimate sphere and according to his habits to remove the bed.

According to experts, bed linen can improve your sex life and love relationship. According to the statistics, listening to rock music more often in the morning, leave the bed unmade.

Meanwhile, a significant portion of the respondents stated that it considers big disadvantage if a sexual partner does not keep bed linen clean and tidy. The survey showed that prefer to make the beds I love to cook, almost do not watch television shows and films.

Holding in care bedding often go to gyms, eat healthy food and tend to a healthy lifestyle. Unmade bed can really affect the quality of sex, but nothing compares in this respect with the lack of sleep.

Now, many young people have little time to the night’s rest, and this affects intimacy is much negative than the bedding.

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