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Psychologists have suggested how to relieve anxiety

 Психологи подсказали, как быстро унять чувство тревогиHow to quickly pull myself together.

Many know the feeling of anxiety may panic, quickens the heartbeat. I want to pull myself together and calm down. But the more we ignore fear, the more it captures us. Psychologists have developed recommendations that will help you to see the excitement on the other side and to accept it and not resist.

Rejoice: you do not care

Experience — our interest in a situation where we are worried. People focuses on the important problem. You are unlikely to spend forces and nerves for aspects of life that do not concern you. Recognize anxiety a positive quality. Try to call a problem a problem — such a mental attitude will help you find answers. People who tend to anxiety, in most cases, inherent compassion and concern for others.

Think solution, not problem

Consider the stressful situation — what does your reaction to them? Worried that people will judge you or will not accept? Mired in work, afraid to disappoint the leadership? Scroll to the bottom, in which is hidden the cause of your anxiety. Understanding frees from fear. If the panic is growing, saying, “I got this.” Refer to this under any circumstances and focus on solving the problem.

Distinguish between a real problem and their attitude to it

People tend to “invent” problems that have not yet had time to arise. Pass by company of strangers, you hear laughter and think it’s because of your new image? What is the probability that laughed at you, not at a joke? Fear is able to suppress the person, to enter it in a state of despondency. Do not invent what is not — and anxiety will disappear by itself. The way you talk to yourself influences your neurobiological response. Be for yourself, keep a positive inner dialogue.

Focus on the sensations

Acknowledge the alarm if you start to get nervous. Do not avoid this feeling. Stop and say: “I’m afraid”. After that you will be much easier. When you think about your anxiety activates part of the brain that controls thoughts and behavior. You are distracted and include a sense of full control. Approach the problem rationally — and your brain will work for you. Anxiety will serve you instead of destroy.

Make anxiety your ally

Anxiety is just a feeling that can’t harm you. Imagine the fear of a former friend, to whom you feel the good feelings. Your “buddy” is annoying and always appears unexpectedly, and this is its main advantage. Ask yourself this: “are You protecting me? What warning?” Find a friend in your fear — it’ll put him in a positive role in your life.

Face your fears

Act on the contrary. We are confident, when all is in a familiar format. We are comfortable and not scary. As soon as we are faced with an unusual scenario, self-control weakened. Clash with your main restrictions: speak to a group of strangers, ask about the promotion at work, discard what you don’t like. Imagine the worst thing that can happen. Usually stranded waiting worse than the reality.

Acknowledge your anger

Attempts to pretend that everything is in order, although we are actually blowing up a wave of indignation, not only calm, but also can harm health. Many think to recognize your anger is starting to show its destructive to others in a manner not too stand on ceremony with them. However, you can do it by myself. “What is happening now, is abhorrent to me. But in my interest to solve the problem without doing anything we will regret. So now I will try to do nothing and to say that.”

This internal dialogue with yourself will give you a little emotional respite and help you to move on to more constructive that you can think about how best to resolve the situation.

Write myself a letter

If the dialogue with them doesn’t help, try to describe your feelings. It would be better if you hand-write about what you now worried, angry or scared. At the same time, you will begin to better understand why so alarmed.

Perhaps your reaction is triggered by the memory that you have already experienced, and you are afraid of a repetition of the unpleasant experience? Assertive you, the person behaves like someone with whom you have associated painful memories? Epistolary sketch, most likely, will look at the situation abstractly.

Transform emotions in motion

If we are able to control the impulses of our body be able to cope with emotions. Start with breathing exercises. Take a few deep breaths, turning the head and arms in the wrist area. In an emotionally excited state, these exercises will prove more useful than an imaginary (or real) fight with the person who made you angry.

To strengthen the effect of any pleasant activity – running, dancing, jumping. It not only will not allow negative feelings to eat away at you, but will effectively destroy them. If you feel that you need to cry or, on the contrary, want to laugh, help your body to cope with stress and allow yourself to Express your feelings.

Think about the good things that you have

If you can not calm down after a conversation with a colleague or you hurt the harsh words of a man from the queue, perhaps now is the time to think about what you can be thankful. Think about the people that love you and dear to you. You have a house, life plans, you are healthy. And it is much more important than those events which do not impact on your future. Look at the picture of your life more vividly, and you’ll see how minor this episode.

Try to forgive

Try to imagine the circumstances of the life of the person who was rude and unfair. Probably, his life is devoid of psychological comfort and aggression — a reaction to stress and dissatisfaction with life. Think about it with sympathy. This will help you to feel like a man who is in control and not go on about other people’s manipulations.

Share only with those who will understand you

If you have a loved one, a Frank conversation can help you to organize your senses. However, be careful in choosing a confidant – not everyone will be able to listen to, while remaining delicate and injure careless words. You may suddenly feel that the other party is difficult or uninteresting to touch this topic.

Someone, on the contrary, can only serve to inflame your feelings, showing interest in unusual stories, but not sympathize with you. All of these can cause even more pain.

Pay attention to yourself

Sometimes it seems that we solved a painful problem, but the consequences of our experiences haunt us in the form of irritability, insomnia and sometimes sluggish current depression, which we do not attach importance to. Often these symptoms of the body do not leave us, if things were connected to something deeper and more painful than the formal sequence that we survived. In this case, professional help can help us to find the true causes and psychological traps.

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