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Psychologists have suggested how to overcome sleepiness during work

Психологи подсказали, как справиться с сонливостью во время работыExperts suggested more than 20 techniques that will help you stay awake at work after lunch.

Many people after lunch feel a wild desire to lie down and NAP. But before the end of the day is only 2-3 hours you just need to pull myself together and finish up to the end, and then to dream about your favorite crib and colorful dreams. As a rule, on arrival home from work already and sleep is not desirable, because there are many tasks to be fulfilled here and now.

Your mind is not affected, psychologists shared valuable tips that will help you to overcome sleepiness at work without damage to health, mood and well being:

1. Chew mint gum, as it is very refreshing and not the breathing.

2. Eat a handful of sunflower seeds, pre-clearing them from the skin. Great lesson, will quickly bring you to your senses.

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3. To drink cool water. If one glass doesn’t help, drink another one.

4. Wash hands under running cold water. This method is particularly well struggling with sleepiness in the winter, when the water is ice cold.

5. Massage your earlobes. The owners claim that this method helps them not to fall asleep at the wheel.

6. To touch tongue to upper palate to be tickled, and for someone not nice, but waking up certainly will.

7. To keep coffee bean, the aroma of which will not let you sleep.

8. To go outside without clothing, and 2 minutes to get some fresh air.

9. Ventilate the room in which you are.

10. Go outside and run the stairs up and down a few times until you accelerated pulse.

11. Call someone and talk for a few minutes.

12. To argue with someone from colleagues. The debate will allow you to sleep, but the main thing here is not to overreact to the dispute is not escalated into conflict.

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13. Listen to music, but it should be a rock-n-roll or rock. Although, each person has exactly the kind of music that will not fall asleep at work.

14. Eat something sour, for example, orange or grapefruit.

15. To clean on the desktop, wipe the dust.

16. Water the flowers in my office.

17. Do exercises for the eyes. Forced concentration up to a few minutes.

18. Read jokes on the Internet. But they should be short and very funny.

19. Write a plan for tomorrow.

20. To turn their alarm clock to ring every 3 minutes. So not only will you not fall asleep, but all your colleagues.

21. Drink refreshing tea with lemon or ginger drink.

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