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Psychologists have suggested how to get rid of post-holiday depression

Психологи подсказали, как избавиться от послепраздничной депрессииAfter the Christmas holidays you can actually fall into depression, which doctors call “post-holiday”.

For most people that the new year holidays had the opportunity to relax and not think about work, the return to it is a very complex process. Even if you are not rested, in any case, the spirit of the New year and Christmas have brought about changes in your mood and the atmosphere surrounding you. But already on 16 January, Monday, the whole holiday has evaporated… Psychologists say that bad mood and lack of energy – this is only the first bells showing the development of the “post-holiday” depression.

The experts shared their professional recommendations that will help each person to recover quickly after the holidays and to get out of depression:

1. Patience and motivation. You have to understand that the holidays are over and work is waiting and without you nobody will solve. Proper motivation will give you the opportunity to patiently work your day and then enjoy the rest of the evening and night. From the category of proper motivation experts call: “good salary” or “bonus”, “promotion” or “career development” and so on. Only you know what will make you to work here and now, hard.

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2. To cease to eat “festive”, that is, to eat everything that you previously could not afford because it’s too high in calories and is eaten only on holidays. Go back to the usual diet. Be sure to eat at least 5 times a day, but not large portions. Don’t forget about the necessary morning carbohydrates that help the brain work better.

3. To move more. At festivals all allow myself to lie on the couch more than usual. There is nothing to worry, if it lasts 1-2 weeks, but then can easily become a habit and correcting it will be very difficult. Go to work on foot or from work take a walk at least 1-2 stops, if you live far away. The gym has not been canceled and if you went there before, then it’s time to resume training.

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4. A breathe of fresh air. As we know, oxygen helps us to think “soberly”. Thus, depressive thoughts will leave your mind and new ideas will emerge at the speed of sound, which is useful for those engaged in mental work.

5. Switch to plain water. Again, the holidays dictate you their rules and you all drank, except water. In the meantime, your body is clogged, not cleaned in time from toxic substances, hence the lack of energy, bad mood, inability to think and, as a consequence, post-holiday depression, because now nothing is impossible.

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