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Psychologists have found out which words unusual effect on people

Психологи выяснили, какие слова необычно влияют на человекаDoctors conducted an extraordinary study.

Positive words activate the frontal lobe of the brain, which affects the whole organism.

Psychologists reported that they were able to discover words that can affect human health.

According to experts, words have power and they are able to change the condition, and affects the body as the self, and words spoken by other people.

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People who want to quickly get rid of the disease, should speak good words that are associated with positive things: “love”, “peace”, “harmony”, “happiness”.

The pronunciation of such words, or when the person hears them in my head aktiviziruyutsya frontal lobe that affects the whole body, optimizing it.

Negative words, on the contrary, lead to increased production of cortisol and other so-called stress hormones in your bloodstream that does not get rid of the disease.

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