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Psychologists have described the fear of eternal life

Психологи описали страх перед вечной жизнью This condition is quite rare.

Many people dream of eternal youth or immortality. Others want to achieve “eternal heaven of bliss” in the afterlife or be reborn in a new body, since the soul is immortal for them.

But there is a category of people of which terrifies the notion of infinity, whether in existence or in the physical body in the afterlife. So it is appalling that directly affects their quality of life.

These people suffer from a little-known and yet very little discussed condition called apeirophobia (apeirophobia).

Even online you will find very little information about this condition, it’s not even a page in Wikipedia and not on major health portals. But fear of infinity POPs up regularly in normal everyday communication or in the communication on Internet forums.

Probably hard to find at least one person who at least once in my life were horrified seeing how insignificant individual before ogromadneyshee and infinite universe. However pourashavas this, a normal person returns to his normal life, where the fear of infinity is insignificant in comparison with the fear of cancer.

But people with real apeirophobia this fear is not going anywhere, it can only be suppressed for a time. From this fear, they may develop insomnia, depression and even be tempted to commit suicide. So people find it very difficult to explain their condition to others and so they all carry.

Unlike the fear of heights or fear of spiders, which are easily explainable and understandable fear of infinity for ordinary people is very vague. While suffering from apeirophobia often very eloquent and quite clearly unable to explain why they are terrified of eternal and continuous existence without any opportunities to stop it.

“I’m just afraid that at some stage of an endless existence I perceive, see and feel everything and get stuck in that I would be boring flour” – Paul writes on the website “Phobia Fear Release” dedicated to various phobias, “And I won’t have any opportunity to change something and get stuck in eternity forever.”

“I know that for most Christians the idea of eternal afterlife is something inspiring, but to me it sounds like flour,” says another user named Tom, “One day I was lying in bed thinking about the eternal existence and I was very scared. When I tried to tell my wife, I’m sure she thought I was crazy. I have a good family, a successful career, but this fear is eating me from the inside.”

But the fear of eternal life is only one side of the coin. Some people apeirophobia have no problem with the idea of eternal life, but in horror from infinity as a whole.

“I feel like we’re all completely insignificant crumb compared to the Universe,” wrote one of Jane adkins on his Facebook page, “When I start to think about the fact that infinite world exists outside of our Solar system, my mind automatically stopped to protect me from a state similar to panic. When I learned about the existence of black holes, this was the reason for my nightmares for several days. Also the idea of the huge distances between galaxies, for me, unbearable.”

Similar arguments can be hundreds to find on the Internet. Patients with apeirophobia in varying degrees is actually not so little. Most of the people faced with this condition, start looking for information about this wherever possible. But as we wrote above, information about such phobias is very small. So people basically have to just try to keep it to yourself otherwise you just go crazy.

The doctors, who were interested in this state, not yet able to specify the reason that may cause severe apeirophobia. Most likely it has something to do with the brain.

Martin Wiener, associate Professor of cognitive and behavioral neuroscience the George Mason University, said in an interview with The Atlantic two years ago about what could be the reason is hidden in the frontal part of the brain, which develops one of the last in the course of human maturation.

Frontal lobes finish my main development around the age of 15 years, and then with great speed starts to emit a new nerve material – secondary stage of growth of the frontal lobes. This phenomenon was discovered relatively recently, in the late 1980s.

“Adolescence is the realization that you become an adult. I suspect that apeirophobia begins to develop it then it’s not much different from that of anxiety before the fear of growing up, fear of old age or fear of death.”

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