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Psychologists found out what the actions of his wife make the man “financially impotent”

Психологи выяснили, какие действия жены делают мужчину "финансовым импотентом"The experts were able to identify an interesting pattern.

Why do some women men are rich and successful, while other men sit on the couch and think of the pennies that collect in the pockets?

No, we’re not talking about those couples who became rich at the expense of the parents or alone. We’re talking about those who are already more than a dozen years together, built from scratch and the man has reached great heights.

Couples are Dating and female gray mouse, and female bitches that devalues husband constantly and constantly dissatisfied with everything, and women-mothers who make the brain.

But there is one thing that unites them: they have no following describes the habits.

to instill fear

“Why should you”, “well, where you have got again,” “and and so we are”, “and suddenly this, and suddenly other” … No, forget it! You these words, did not support or protect her husband. You these words inspire fear in him. Fear does not allow him to at least try to realize themselves in a particular area. The fear that paralyzes him and gives the go ahead to try something new, to risk. Will so to speak – will your husband’s life or on the couch, or on the same posts with dull eyes.

“As I’m saving what I own”

No, it is not economical and there is no hostess, and no, not a woman, leading her husband to victory. “Yes, I can still wear it, Yes, stretch and spend some time”, “we’ll Eat something cheaper”, “it is Possible and then to buy it” … There is save the children here is save myself, here on the products … set yourself a logical question: why should a person to grow financially, look for a new job, demand higher, to evolve, and if so good? If it just missing?

“I’m comfortable. I don’t want to”

When one billionaire said, “helped you wife to achieve such a state?”, He replied: “Yes.” On that he again asked: “How?”, His answer was wise and simple: “She always wanted something”.

Want successful men do not turn into a woman, which did not want neither for myself, nor for family, nor for joy nor for the development, all for nothing! For a woman who doesn’t want to improve or change for the better what is already there. “We don’t need a new car, we already have this”, “We don’t need more house / flat, we’re fine” … don’t make my husband financially impotent!

Man, by nature, need to be needed. He by nature needs to evolve. And with the schedule described above, is much better than you beautiful and happy, it will motivate terrible and unsatisfied woman.

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