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Psychologist’s advice how to lose weight without dieting

Советы психолога, как похудеть без диетTo lose weight without strict diets.

Blogs dedicated to healthy eating, special programs, collections of recipes – all this does not reduce the number of people dissatisfied with their own body.

Therapist Karina Melvin is sure to win over the extra weight they are missing the main component – the psychological. Here are some simple steps on the way to its attainment.

Get from eating pleasure
Since diets don’t work, you don’t have to limit or eliminate from the diet of favorite foods. Eat when you want and only what you really like. Want chocolate cake? Forward! Juicy steak? Please! No need to force yourself to eat diet foods that taste like cardboard and in fact not too nutritious. But it is important to abandon the rules like: “it’s Time to eat, because it was time for lunch/dinner”. Eat only when really hungry. Food is our “good fuel”, so wait until the stomach will send a signal to you about what is the fuel he really needs.

Maintain healthy microflora
A lot of research shows a link between problems with microflora and obesity, so their microflora is necessary to take care of. Doing this is a snap. The main thing – a variety of food and natural products. Include in your diet natural yogurt with probiotics (not diet!), homemade cheese, made according to traditional recipes and products that do not contain antibiotics and pesticides.

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Eat healthy and quality food
Proper nutrition helps to prevent up to 70% of diseases. The diet of modern man consists mainly of products subjected to artificial processing, which our bodies cannot fully digest. It is very important to eat high quality food, saying “no” to artificially processed foods, stuffed with harmful “chemistry.”

Eat intently, stopping a meal, once satisfied
During meals it is important to focus on the present moment – and, actually, food. Take your time, feel its smell, taste, chew every bite. We are so accustomed to mindlessly consume food that they themselves do not notice when you will be satisfied with. Therefore, it is important to eat slowly and thoughtfully. It is very important to rethink the size of their “normal” portions. Eat what you want, but listen to your body and stop when he says “enough!”. The ability to identify when you are satiated, you need to train like the muscles. We have long forgotten how to have up to saturation, and instead began to eat up all crumbs.

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Love your body the way it is

If you loved your body, imagine its former size, remember how you felt. If you can’t remember such a period, select the person figure which you admire, and imagine that you have a body. Feel how much joy you bring a body that you love! Try to do this exercise every day. Be kind to your body, respect it, think about what you like about him. One of the main barriers that prevent us to lose weight is psychological. To lose weight physically, you first need to “lose weight psychologically.” Cease to look with envy at the slender people begin to change their ideas about their own body.

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