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Psychologist found out the main reason for the reluctance to learn from children

Психолог выяснил главную причину нежелания учится у детейAs it turned out, blame the parents.

Complex or the fear of failure is often linked with childhood memories. When the child expressed the initiative to do something on their own, and parents, fearing for his health, said that better do everything themselves, otherwise it might not work.

This was told by family psychologist Valentin Zhuk.

Criticizing the child, parents often think they are doing this for their good, but the little man often makes for a conclusion that he can not cope with a particular situation and begins to avoid situations in which you need to take responsibility. That is why, according to experts, any criticism should be constructive and backed up with concrete facts, otherwise the child may just not understand that his abuse. It is equally important to remember that small children need not so much in the teachings and sermons, but also in the praise and endorsements.

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“Don’t forget to praise your child, – told the expert. – As often as you can remember moments when the child succeeded. Just choose to really praise worthy reasons, otherwise, if the kid accuses you of dishonesty, the situation will only get worse.

Rejoice in the successes of his pupil, rate of promotion. And give him more independence, trust important tasks. Always consult with him and learn to appreciate his opinion. After all, your baby has grown up: now he’s a schoolboy” – concluded the expert.

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