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Prytula explained why abroad are not considered Ukrainians

Притула объяснил, почему за рубежом не считаются с украинцамиThe artist spoke about their everyday concerns regarding the language issue in Ukraine

The famous Ukrainian showman and activist Sergiy Prytula has told about a situation that angered him at the airport Borispol. The story he published on his page in Facebook.

“Just saw at the airport Borispol the situation. The worker starts in the waiting room of a business class group of foreigners, in pronunciation, the Americans. It is obvious that they really before something helped, because I was very grateful for their help. Then one girl asks: “how that this Senko*u-in yo language?”. Dude: “thank you.” Americans all together: “Thank you,” wrote Pritula.

He added that he has always been tolerant on the language issue, but this behavior really pissed him off.

“You know my brand loyalty to the Russian-speaking Ukrainians. I never torpedero language issue, because unfortunately or fortunately, I have a bunch of Ukrainian-speaking assholes, and a bunch of Russian is adequate around. Approximately in the same proportions, as the Russian-speaking and Ukrainian-speaking assholes adequate. But, there is a strong curvelo”, – said the activist.

Притула объяснил, почему за рубежом не считаются с украинцами

He then shared the story from Montreal, where the saleswoman in the store thought that in Ukraine all speak in Russian, because our country was part of the Soviet Union.

“And here is one of Boryspil asshole did all that 6 American tourists were convinced that Ukrainian “Senko*th” is “thank you.” And when they will hear from the Russians “thank you”, they will not see the difference between one and two. And for the General public, we will remain “rashns” or “part of Sov*et Union ver ol speck Rashn”. Therefore, my dear Russian friends, and let us foreigners to say “vitayu”, “dyakuyu” I “to pobachennya”. Because to teach “thank you” they have someone. Thank you,” concluded Pritula.

By the way, formerly known Ukrainian actress Irma Vitovskaya told about his attitude to the Russian language in the Ukrainian media space. According to Vitovska, her television work has ended after the transfer and since then, she has never attended a Russian play TV.

The actress noted that in recent times watches or deliberate sabotage, or stereotypical thinking about the Ukrainian-speaking Ukrainians, as narrow-minded and primitive, globcover and marginal.

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