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Proven thinning of the earth’s crust

Доказано истончение земной корыHardest bark thickness decreased under the Indian and Atlantic oceans.

American scientists have shown that the average thickness of the crust located under the oceans, over time decreases. A study published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

Oceanic crust under mid-ocean ridges, formed about 170 million years ago in the mid Jurassic period, when the process of disintegration of swishcontent Pangea, currently has become thinner on average by 1.7 kilometers.

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More likely, according to scientists, the crustal thickness decreased under the Indian and Atlantic oceans, and less — under the Quiet.

To such conclusions experts came, after a meta-analysis of data on refraction (refraction) seismic waves to determine the thickness of the lithosphere (earth’s crust).

Research scientists confirms widespread among geophysicists point of view that about every hundred million years of the upper mantle of the planet cools to 15-20 degrees Celsius, whereby the thickness of the crust is reduced.

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Currently, the thickness of the lithosphere or earth’s crust under the atmosphere up to 80 kilometers while under the World’s oceans, this figure can be ten times less.

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