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Proven methods of heartburn

Проверенные временем способы от изжогиBurning sensation and discomfort in the throat and chest – a condition familiar to many.

Heartburn, which is annoying after immoderate feast or surplus of certain products, may be a one-time phenomenon and it happens even in healthy people, although can be a symptom of diseases of the digestive system.

Heartburn appears hydrochloric acid, part of gastric juice up into the esophagus and irritates the unprotected mucous membrane. Usually the esophagus is protected from emissions from the stomach by a special valve — a sphincter, located between the two divisions of the digestive system. It works very simply – as the door opens, letting food into the stomach, and then tightly closed, and if for some reason, the sphincter does not close completely, gastric juice may get to where it doesn’t belong. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Foods that can cause heartburn

The cause of burning sensation in chest and throat can be normal overeating, but an agent provocateur is more likely to be some products, especially when consumed excessively:

Black coffee, especially soluble
Chocolate and cocoa
Fatty meals
Citrus fruits and juices from them
Tomatoes, particularly tomato juice and ketchup

Soda for heartburn is not the best solution

If you are familiar with the feeling of unpleasant sensation, chances are you heard to extinguish the fire quickly with the help of baking soda. The logic here is that soda is alkali, which quickly neutralizes the acid and brings relief. However, doctors caution – this “treatment” is unsafe and can significantly worsen the condition. The fact that the result of the contact of the soda stands out carbon dioxide, which provokes an increase in gastric juice secretion. Thus, after the temporary relief of heartburn may cover with a new force.

In addition, frequent use of baking soda for heartburn leads to the accumulation of alkali in the blood and may cause alkalosis (“alkalinisation”), and it is fraught with disruption of the urinary system, including kidneys.

Heartburn during pregnancy

In the last stages of pregnancy, when the greatly enlarged uterus deform the stomach, reflux of gastric juice occurs more often. As a rule, after the birth of a baby unpleasant symptoms cease to bother, at least do not happen without reason. Use baking soda to treat heartburn during pregnancy is especially risky, because the excess sodium holds fluid in the tissues, which can lead to edema.
Folk remedies for heartburn

So soda, we decided not to use, but if you still can’t hold any more, you can have a weak solution and one time only – no more than once a week. Although this is the worst of the options.

In order to prevent the reflux of gastric juice into the esophagus after a meal, especially thick, take an upright position – it is best to walk. Thus up stomach contents will be more difficult.
Helps to suppress heartburn mineral water with high alkali content, for example, Borjomi. After eating, drink half a Cup of water, eliminate the gas.
Raw potato proven remedy for heartburn: grate potatoes on a grater and squeeze the juice, drink as you can. Helps even simply to chew a piece of raw potato, but the effect will come later.
Celery juice will not only extinguish heartburn, but also add vitamins, while completely harmless. Prepare the drink in the same way as the juice of potatoes and drink in small SIPS. You can just eat the green stalk siderea.
Raw almonds, purified from the dark skin effective remedy against heartburn. Just chew on 5-6 nuts.

Pharmaceutical preparations for heartburn

Advertising promises us instant cure for heartburn in this case is silent about the unexpected side effects that, alas, it is quite possible after any synthetic drug. Especially do not recommend doctors to use medications during pregnancy, especially because there are safe methods.

At the heart of preparations for heartburn substances that reduce the production of gastric juices (proton pump inhibitors) or antacids – the task of which is to strengthen the sphincter. Both have a number of contraindications, so they are not recommended to take during pregnancy and given to children without consulting a doctor.

Important! If heartburn bothers frequently or for no apparent reason, is not a reason to extinguish it, and to pass the examination of the digestive system.

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