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Proven methods for the prevention of influenza for office staff

Проверенные способы профилактики гриппа для офисных сотрудниковTherapists ideas on how to protect yourself from influenza and SARS to those working in the circle of many people.

To get in the office all staff, because it is indoors and when clusters of people viruses multiply much faster. Particularly prone to infection with influenza and acute respiratory infections those who have poor protective function of the body, so it is very important to take care of your immune system and strengthen it.

Doctors advise to perform office workers to such measures of prevention of influenza and SARS:

Wash your hands often. Compliance with this rules of personal hygiene will allow you to pick up a seasonal virus.

Do not touch the face. Hands accumulate bacteria, so touching your face, and even dirty hands, is extremely unsafe in the season of viral diseases.

To wear and change every 3 hours, respiratory mask, if in your team someone came to work sick. The mask will protect you from viruses and will not get the flu.

To take vitamins. You can buy them at a pharmacy, but preferably on the recommendation of a therapist. Vitamin complexes will be useful for those who don’t eat right.

To balance the dietto include a maximum of fortified products. Healthy food – the key to a strong immune system.

Ventilate the room once an hour. Stale air in the office often is the reason that sick with influenza and SARS all employees without exception.

To go outside at least every hour for a few minutes. Fresh air and cold help to neutralize viruses and bacteria.

To humidify the air in the office. Dry indoor air due to Central heating or air conditioning is a favorable environment for pathogens and viruses, so it should be moistened with the help of special equipment.

Influenza vaccine is. The doctors called a flu shot the most effective measure of prevention. Even if you get infected, the disease will flow more easily and will not bring into your life can lead to various complications such as bronchitis, pneumonia, meningitis and so on.

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