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Proved to lose weight for the New year in 10 days really

Доказано: похудеть к Новому году за 10 дней реальноNutritionists are confident that even in a couple of weeks, or even less, can be a good to lose weight and impress relatives during the New year celebrations.

Before the meeting of 2017 there is not much time for that to change dramatically or lose weight. Just 15 days to have all in stock and this is the case, if you start to take care of myself today. Much easier to change your hairstyle, hair color, buy original unusual dress than to limit yourself in food, to move more than usual and so on. But experts say that even 10 days before the New year you can really transform, become more slim, healthy, sophisticated woman from the one you now see in the mirror.

Naturally, you should understand that rapid weight loss may not be a simple process. It rules hard, and for some people and not at all cruel. Check the main ones and you’ll know immediately that you will not be easy:

1. Reduce the daily caloric content of all food intake to 1000 calories.

2. No salt, no dish and not eat products originally having in its composition of salts.

3. Per day to drink about 2-3 liters of mineral water without gas depending on what your initial weight. Than pounds in you, the more you should drink water. It is advisable to drink small SIPS slowly, approximately 8-10 glasses per day must be empty. The water should be not cold and not too hot.

4. Sugar and all products and meals containing it are banned!

5. To give up meat, if possible, in favor of lean fish, vegetables and fruits. The maximum you can afford is chicken, but to cook or bake in the oven or cook for a couple.

To these rules we can add one more, with it you get to achieve maximum results

Fasting days

Only three day fasting for 10 days dieting will help to get closer to the intended result as closely as possible. It turns out that 2 days you will have to eat according to the rules written above, then arrange a fasting day on apples and water, yogurt, water, freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juices and so on. Then adhere to the scheme 2/1.

You will shock every time on the scale if you weigh every day. But nutritionists recommend to be weighed before the start of the 10-day Express diet and 31 December in the morning. Believe me, you will remain satisfied and will surely surprise all the family as you celebrate the New year in a new role.

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