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Proved the existence of a mysterious Earth satellites

Доказано существование загадочных спутников ЗемлиThere was serious evidence of the existence of these objects.

Scientists from the University of Budapest (Hungary) confirmed the existence of Clouds Kordylevskogo two clusters of cosmic dust, which are the points of Lagrange in the system Earth-Moon. Until now, many astronomers did not recognize the existence of these mysterious objects. Article researchers published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Points of Lagrange or L-points called positions in the system of two massive objects, one rotates around the other, in which other heavenly bodies remain stationary relative to both objects. Points L4 and L5 are on the orbit of one of the objects on both sides and at equal distance from it.

In 1961, the Polish astronomer Kazimierz Kordylewski found that L5 in the Earth-Moon is two bright spots, which, he suggested, are the accumulations of dust. However, until now their existence was not the serious proof of the existence of these objects because of their dim light. Many astronomers believe that the cloud would have to be destroyed by solar winds, gravitational perturbations of the sun and planets.

Astronomers have studied the degree of polarization of radiation emanating from points of Lagrange and their surroundings. The researchers found evidence of polarization, which arises in the scattering of direct sunlight on the dust particles. However, they excluded such atmospheric phenomena as Cirrus clouds and contrails from aircraft, as well as the influence of defects in the optics of the telescope. In addition, the results of the observations corresponded to the pattern predicted by computer models.

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