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Proved cosmic origin of life

Доказано космическое происхождение жизни

NASA scientists received the first deoxyribose, a component of DNA, modelling in laboratory conditions of the space environment. The results of the study indicate that the organic molecules necessary for life originated in space and then fell from a comet to Earth. This publication reports Science News.

Experts cooled mixture of water and methanol to a temperature of minus 260 degrees Celsius in the vacuum chamber. Thereafter, they were subjected to ice action of UV radiation, mimicking conditions in the clouds of interstellar gas and dust. The results of chemical analysis showed that in frozen water and alcohol has a deoxyribose sugar and other carbohydrates, which were obtained in similar experiments in the past.

It is known that sugar can be formed by chemical reactions involving formaldehyde present in comets. However, until now scientists could not obtain the deoxyribose, which contains less oxygen atoms than the compound obtained by researchers previously.

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