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Prototype Lamborghini Urus fell photospin

Прототип Lamborghini Urus попался фотошпионамIt is assumed that this model is the primary prototype.

Photospin managed to make the concept Lamborghini Urus, made in the body of the car Audi Q7.

The car is under heavy camouflage was noticed by the editor of Top Gear from CBS Canterbury Rowan on the car area of the airport in Munich.

The Urus concept from a car brand Lamborghini hid under the body of the Audi Q7, but the view of the editor of Top Gear Rowan Horncastle drew signature tape along the edges of the radiator and the sticker on the door Urus car driver side.

A conceptual model different from the one that managed to shoot Horncastle, with a rounded hood, and holes for ventilation remained unchanged.

Representatives of a car brand said that the model will have a sharp “nose”, despite the fact that “hidden” the model lacks the rear fenders.

It is assumed that this model is an initial prototype, built on the base of Q7, but do not exclude the presence of other elements of the Audi Q7. This has happened before, with models of the Bentley Bentayga and the Porsche Cayenne, with the basis of a single architecture of the Volkswagen Group MLB.

Today it is known that the Lamborghini Urus will have under the hood a 4-liter Buturlinovsky engine and has all chances to become the fastest car of the SUV segment. Given that the new Panamera Turbo is equipped with a engine, outstanding 542 horsepower and torque is 770 Nm, the Italian car company will do everything possible to make their model was significantly more powerful.

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