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Protein was the star Network because of lush “bust”

Белка стала звездой Сети из-за пышного «бюста»Protein has become more popular fitness models.

One Sunny day, in the zoo of Inokashira in Tokyo one Japanese took a photo of a cute squirrel and posted it to his Twitter. He initially did not know how popular will find this photo. It is unlikely that he saw it on the lush “bust” of the animal, but under the photo began to appear numerous comments where users notice the outstanding forms in proteins.

And then he Japanese joked, calling the squirrel “extremely sexy”. The photo has gained over 45,000 posts, and social networks formed a fan club of a forest of Pamela Anderson. Squirrel “chest” turned out to be the center of attention faster than a pretty face!

Many have compared the protein with Clarissa – a girl Chipmunk, who was loved by the heroes of the famous cartoon Chip and Dale.

Белка стала звездой Сети из-за пышного «бюста»

Squirrel – the symbol of the zoo Inokashira, the most popular place where squirrel is a garden where these rodents live in a variety of. Zoo specializiruetsya on the content of the species in Japan, among its inhabitants – birds, raccoons, monkeys and, of course, squirrels, which are also the indigenous inhabitants of the Japanese Islands. Squirrels in Japan look which is under threat of destruction, on the island of Kyushu they have completely disappeared. Population decline is associated primarily with deforestation by man. Employees of the zoo Inokashira put a lot of effort towards conservation of this species, spreading native Japanese squirrels in squirrel garden zoo.

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