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The pros and cons of tattoos

The exact time of birth tattoo to mankind is unknown, but scientists, archaeologists recovered the remains of a man had lain in the earth more than 6,000 years, with clearly visible patterns on the body. From this we can conclude that the origins of this art came from very ancient times.
Nowadays tattoos are very common and very popular among young people. What motivates people to put on their body various paintings, which will remain with them for life? Someone copies a tattoo of his idol and carries it on his body, thereby imitating him, someone who wants to stand out from the crowd and covers herself almost completely a variety of patterns, and someone who loves his girlfriend and that she was always “next to” write her name on your arm “indelibly”.
But the tattoo, as with any phenomenon that has a lot of pros and cons which can both positively and negatively impact a person’s life with the pattern on the body.

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Pros tattoo:
1. Individualization and allocation of the total mass. If You will choose wisely or we will come up with a pattern and put it in place, then You will always be provided the attention of others and views of people around. But if it looks more aesthetically pleasing and beautiful, then You will only look with delight and admiration. Is not it nice to catch admiring glances of the crowd?
2. Tattoo as a talisman. A tattoo applied on the body, putting them in a sacred sense. People choose the pattern based on what their zodiac sign, the year of what animal they were born, it can be mysterious and nobody but the carrier is unknown figure and more. Thus this tattoo is supposed to guard and protect the man who took her on his body.
3. Tattoo in memory. In the life of each happen moments that they want to remember always, whether it’s the birth of a child, meeting my girlfriend, moving to another country or just a great vacation. And it is, the tattoo can serve as a great way to cement in memory of a specific event that happened to You.
4. Tattoo and social status. People belonging to a particular social class, wear appropriate clothing, drive a certain car and live in homes appropriate to their material condition. And some people to make others aware of the class to which segment of society they belong, applied tattoos.
1. Insecurity to health. One of the main disadvantages of tattoos is risk-perception it Your body. Each person’s body reacts differently to the introduction of foreign substances and objects, and ,in the case of a tattoo, there is a risk of rejection of the paint, long wound healing, and in some cases General blood poisoning. So the security issue for health is the most important in the decision to get a tattoo.
2. Soreness. The process of injection of dye in the subcutaneous layer is performed using small needles, which causes a huge amount of shallow but frequent infiltrations under the skin, and of course, this procedure is not painless. To say that the pain experienced when getting a tattoo is unbearable, impossible, but that You will not feel anything is also true. Still depends on the pain threshold that is different for each person. And only You can decide whether or not to experience pain for the eternal drawing on the body.
3. The relevance of the tattoo. Before you get a tattoo you need to look to the future. Fresh and relevant and will be Your pattern in five, ten, or more years? Young people cause young logos of your favorite teams, music groups, the names of their idols, and after growing up, realize that they are no longer interested and have to wear on the body is long out of date tattoo. The same situation is happening between the lovers. When people love each other, they are ready to “draw” the names of loved ones on any part of the body and in any quantity, but after the feelings fade, we have to wonder what to do with what is left on the body after this love.
4. Age. The years take their toll on each of us and in this rule, no exceptions. To old age the skin becomes older and wrinkled, and imagine how it will look in Your tattoo in 40-50 years, when You will be playing with their grandchildren on the beach, and on hand will be allocated to the incomprehensible substance of dark-blue color. If You think about the future, it is likely You should not do the tattoo, and if you live for today, then there is nothing wrong.
5. Permanent. Due to the fact that in the process of applying the tattoo paint is driven under the skin, it stays on your body for the rest of his life. Therefore, it is worth considering whether You need to wear on the body pattern, which will accompany You always and everywhere and never wash off. Of course, there is the technology of tattoo removal from the body, but it is no less painful than its application, and after removal of the pattern on the body will leave a scar, which is then able to remove only a plastic surgeon.
That these advantages and disadvantages will be presented in front of You while thinking on the subject of “Do me a tattoo?”. And to do it or not is a personal matter for everyone.

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