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Proper nutrition cough: dangerous products

Правильное питание при кашле: опасные продуктыA list of products, the use of which in the cold is not desirable.

Few people know about diets for colds and cough.

However, there is a considerable list of products, the use of which in the cold is not desirable.

The hot drink. During cold and flu should drink plenty of fluids. Drink liquids warm or slightly hot comfortable for your throat and esophagus.

Honey is a great remedy for colds and coughs. It contains a lot of vitamins and other biologically active substances that contribute to the strengthening of the body and speedy recovery. But there is one important condition: in any case do not put honey in hot water.

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During the illness, coffee and alcohol should be excluded since they contribute to dehydration, which is unacceptable in acute respiratory viral infections. Even a small amount of alcohol during the illness is not recommended.

It turns out that the consumption of lemons and other citrus fruits during the cold and flu is undesirable. Yes, they have a large amount of vitamin C, but these fruits are also a lot of acid and viruses and bacteria thrive in an acidic environment. That’s why a cold is recommended to drink mineral alkaline water.

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Unfortunately, the treats don’t have anything useful. Dietitians suggest not to exclude sweets from your diet, the more disease. The fact is that sweets are high calorie food that has on the body a certain load.

When you cough, doctors recommend to refrain from eating the coarse cereals, bread (toast), hard meat, and products made of dough, dust with cocoa powder.

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