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Propagandists will once again come up trumps

Пропагандисты снова зайдут с козырей

Now it is interesting to observe, how to interpret life Putin’s rule and political poverty of the legislative and judicial branches propagandists. Their task is to give target audiences a sense of the seriousness of the changes. Surely there will be stories about the perspectives of “conscious authoritarian personalism”. The more well-known quill-driver will come up trumps (they think so), saying that the war is at your house, the enemy threatens the young Soviet Republic. We must all work together to limit their consumer habits in the name of bright future.

There are nervous people who will pick up these PR mantras and wail about the impending mobilization, segragated and the Gulag. They will distract us from observing the financial situation that we have made the wrong investment in Sechin and Rothenberg. But we live in the scoop, so do not lead cheap KGB wiring.

As for military mobilization, it is nothing I will not comment, but refer to a scene from life, which he recently saw in Moscow: modern young mother with a child on the street, goes past the elderly gentleman. He gently looks at the boy and turning to the woman, said: what a nice little child; the soldier grows.

A young mother in a moment turned into a warlike Amazon, and snapped: I’ll show you a soldier, you old fool! Back away from my son! Go away!

That’s the scene. I guess it explains everything.

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