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Prompted experts what disease treat cats

Специалисты подсказали, какие болезни лечат кошкиInformally cats are called “house therapists.”

Probably everyone who has a cat noticed that a few minutes together to literally heal emotional wounds and help you relax. Usually, fluffy purring animal falls on the hands of the master of the household and in the evening when everyone comes home from work and it was at this time a person is very important “switch”, in order to relax, so that communication with the cat just have the way.

How cats treat people?

Purring calms the nerves. Typical of the sound of cats during a gentle games master is ultrasound waves that have a positive effect on the nervous system and restore it.

High body temperature has a warming effect. Cats have a body temperature of 38 to 39 degrees, so you can easily warm people or “warm up” to him painful joints, for example.

Help in a stressful situation. Cats can give tenderness to his master and deliver him from the deep negative thoughts.

Of course, even despite such an impressive list of useful ability of cats, this does not mean that Pets can be used as the sole means in the treatment of mental disorders and disorders. To help the cats you can use as an additional “remedy” against fatigue, depression, aggression, bad mood and so on.

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