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Promo of the seventh season of “Game of thrones”: It was a long way

Official promotional video of the seventh season of”Game of thrones” does not open the veil over future events, but shows all the main characters of the series, do solemnly and brutal going forward, each in its own way. And Yes, it was a long way.

Roller uninformative, but clearly alluding to the fact that the whole thing is nearing its finale. And final this will, of course, epic.

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The show, like its literary source — a series of fantasy novels “a Song of Ice and Fire” by American author George R. R. Martinhas earned high praise of audiences and critics, has earned many professional awards. The actors became stars of the first magnitude, and became heroes Mamedov, hehe. It was not a classic Tolkienesque fantasy orcs with bad and good hobbitcon, it was hard medieval realism, but… with dragons, baby.

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Of course, this story should be completed in epic.

So, the penultimate seventh season will be shorter than the previous one. It will consist of 7 episodes, but each one will be slightly longer than usual.

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