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“Prometheus”, “Alien: the Covenant” – what next? Meets Ridley Scott!

To be or not to be a continuation of the Saga of xenomorph? I mean, will the Ridley Scott to shoot a prequel to “Alien”, the first of which has almost become a “Prometheus”, and the second positioned “Alien: Covenant”? Questions about the future of the franchise meets the Director himself.

“Covenant” has collected in hire not as much as “Prometheus”, though he and the budget was smaller, and the rental of this film is not yet over. But still: the “Prometheus” in the asset in excess of $ 400 million box office, while “Testament” at the moment collected 227 million and is unlikely to scrape a lot more than this amount. So, let “Testament” and brought the Studio a profit, but right now no one really knows will give 20th Century Fox the master to remove a couple parts of this movie universe or will freeze the project.

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But we know exactly what he Ridley Scott is not going to stop. In a fresh interview, he says the following:

Right now we are working on the script. There will be three or four different players, who will investigate. One of these players will be Engineers, who will return to find their home planet. I think their ships regularly come and go, I seen a sort of cosmic gardener. It is clear where we go next. We will go to the planet. But Hey, I’m not going to tell you the whole story!

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Not entirely clear what “planet” Director has in mind. Whether it’s a planet that we saw in “Alien: the Covenant” – whether it is a native planet for the Engineers? – whether it Origae-6, the planet where, presumably, went the Android David in the end of the movie? Or, perhaps, we are talking about LV-426, space object from the original “Alien”?

Let’s hope that all the answers we will sooner or later get. And Yes, the Engineers… did you miss him?

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