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Proletarian news from 28.08.2019 G.

Пролетарские новости от 28.08.2019 г.

The issue:
1. MFIs in force
2. Ubiquitous surveillance
3. Expensive medications
4. Die
5. Debts

The PLOT №1
Almost 15% are excluded from the securities register of microfinance organizations (MFOs) continue to give the citizens loans. The vast majority of companies are doing it illegally. Experts note that the trend in the near future may gain momentum and create for the citizens of the significant risks of liability for these companies not to tighten up to the criminal. While predominantly identified illegal MFIs try to operate under the current rules of the market and offer loans at extortionate rate of 1% per day.
Today, under the watchful eye of the authorities, banks bankrupt tens of thousands of businesses, former employees squeezed into the street and fall into the arms of the MFI, losing the last one. Monstrous, but Ministers and Duma members believe that 200-300% per year is normal, although 10% in the global plan have been a robbery.

The PLOT №2
The Federal service of court bailiffs (FSP) in Moscow tests the search for debtors using city surveillance cameras. For the first six months of 2019 were thus found 27 debtors, told “Kommersant” in the press service of capital management of FSP. According to the Agency, in just six months, the Moscow bailiffs looking for 2142 of the debtor. This is 25% more than the same period last year. Earlier it was reported that the number of persons of debtors from the beginning of the year rose sharply by 1 million people, reaching in the end, a gigantic 3.5 million people, which, not less than 30 thousand rubles.
The bourgeois state, along with biometric, continues to introduce methods of total control and management to you, comrade, didn’t escape from them even a single penny for the soul. Because you are already in their bondage.

The PLOT №3
In the first half of 2019 in drugstores, sales rose only expensive drugs, the report of DSM Group. Sales in pharmacies cheap medications — the price ranges from 50 to 500 rubles — showed a drop. While almost 8% increase in the sales volume of expensive drugs. Farmitalia explain this inflation. But manufacturers blame the pharmacy network in the unwillingness to sell cheap drugs because of the low bonus received for their implementation.
It is clear that under capitalism, any network would be interested in selling expensive goods to maximize profits and hoarding cheap, what we see on the stands pharmacies. And no matter what most wage earners to afford medicines from expensive segment can not.

The PLOT №4
Most Russian men do not live to retirement. This was announced by the representative of the state Duma on health protection Nikolay Gerasimenko. According to him, the average life expectancy of men in the country is only 55 years. At risk are men aged 40 to 55 years.
“Excellent” statistics for Russia – Not for nothing spent the pension reform. Will not live to retirement, of bourgeois power only better – more money left in their pocket.

The PLOT №5
In Russia, wage arrears amounted to 2 billion 752,6 million rubles, an increase of 182,9 million rubles (7.1%) compared to the previous month. Arrears of wages on 1 August 2019 were before 42,5 thousand people (less than 1% of workers on surveyed kinds of economic activities), of which 46% are workers in the processing industries, 17% construction, 12% — mining, 9% — agriculture, hunting and logging.They work tirelessly, hoping to feed a family on the miserable wages that predicted the employer, and all that get – another promise that the money coming in, you just work for free for a bit.

Comrade, blatant exploitation will not end until the country again will not be established the dictatorship of the proletariat. Join the struggle for socialism – write on mail [email protected]

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