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Proletarian news from 06.06.2019 G.:

Пролетарские новости от 06.06.2019 г.:

Proletarian news from 06.06.2019 G.:

The issue:
1. Debt
2. For profit
3. The hearse
4. Protection rank
5. Invented

The PLOT №1
The Palace of culture all-Russian society for the blind, located near Gorky Park in Perm, may be closed. The reason — problems with the utilities. The debt was incurred in February when the regional library of society VOS stopped paying rent in DC. Considerable amount — 600 thousand rubles a month, which is more than one third of funds received from all tenants of the House of culture.
Such is the fate of all communities is similar to the VOS, which were organized in the USSR to create equal opportunities. Because the bourgeois government does not care to disabled when it is not profitable to pobahvalitsya his

The PLOT №2
The Ministry of Finance has proposed to reduce the number of passenger trains on the BAM and TRANS-Siberian railway. This will increase the loading of airlines and reduce the costs of the Railways, according to the Department. Great news about the “innovations” of bourgeois Russia, where once again cut less cost-effective methods of transportation of the population into account more favorable and, as usual, at our expense.

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The PLOT №3
In Nazarovo (Krasnoyarsk Krai) bedridden patients transported not people in white coats and men in mourning garments from the funeral home for bedridden patients there are no special cars and ambulances. Most people have to solve problems in the transportation of bedridden relatives. And most of them need regular doctor visits and visits to the honey.procedures.
Soon no, but you’d hang on. So under capitalism, if you “worked” and “broken”, that his state doesn’t need you anymore, you can die.

The PLOT №4
Russian Prosecutor General Yury Chaika during his speech in the state Duma told about the preparation for the implementation of the law on the punishment of contempt. The Department has identified the officers responsible for the preparation of complaints to Roskomnadzor with request to block those or other resources, spreading insults against the authorities.
That is the “democracy” and “freedom of speech” under the slogans which degenerated the party nomenklatura destroyed the Soviet Union. Fascism and the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie — is the true purpose of the ruling elite of modern Russia.

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The PLOT №5
According to the newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova, the Russian authorities plan to introduce a separate social insurance from the funds which will Finance the care for the elderly and disabled. Source of funding for such assistance to the needy may be an additional fee in the amount of 1-1,5% from wages of workers of the Russians. Also considered the second option — to cancel the “ceiling” of salaries, from which are deducted the funds in the FSS and the Pension Fund.
The capitalists and their henchmen are not interested in the needs of the people, all they care about is the completeness of their own pockets. Medicine and education are no longer free, and now the care of pensioners and disabled persons will be “not their thing”. So every year, they gradually supersede all the achievements of Soviet power, won from the bourgeoisie in 1917.

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