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Prokhor Chaliapin made a bride-show to the show “Let them talk”

Prokhor Chaliapin after parting ways with Anna Kalashnikova decided to address for the help to Andrey Malakhov that he found him a bride. According to the singer, he needs a beautiful wife with a sense of humor: “Age is not important, it is desirable prettier. For entry into the world of happiness and love. She must love folk songs. Not an actress, not a singer, hippos I don’t need the income in the first place, but will not give up. From Kopenkina can take the cheerfulness and Kalashnikova appearance. Sweetheart, waiting for you,” said Chaliapin.

On the show “Let them talk” from different parts of the world gathered candidates for the role of the wife of Prokhor. In the Studio the artist is bathed in compliments and attention from girls.

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Alexander Kolotuhina mom
The frame of the program

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To fight for the heart of the singer came 26-year-old Alexander Kolotuhina from England. She said that working in tourist firm premium. “I’m independent girl working, I have a car, own apartment,” she said. The girl came to personally meet with Prokhorov. Alexander ready to learn how to cook for my husband any food.

Also the role of the bride claimed 67-year-old Irina Konstantinovna Strizhak, who has two sons older than Prokhorov. Woman tied specifically to Prochorus warm socks.

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To the aid came in the house the matchmaker of Paris Natalia Goncharova. The woman admitted that she started looking at him to potential brides from France.

Tatiana Moscow
The frame of the program

The mother Chaliapin Helena, who was watching everything going on behind the scenes, gave preference to the first girl — Anastasia from England.


“I like here are four girls with whom I would like to go on vacation,” concluded the West, but did not specify who exactly drew his attention.

Himself Prokhor debt remained and performed for the girls song.


By the way, Anna Kalashnikov also decided to see a specialist — namely, a well-known matchmaker Rosa Syabitova.

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