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“Project” has told about the Russian businessman, managing the business of the first persons of the Chechen Republic

"Проект" рассказал о  русском бизнесмене, управляющем бизнесом первых лиц Чечни

Studying the history of the appearance of the mansion of the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov in Tsentoroi in 2008, the reporters found that the construction was supervised by a businessman Pavel Krotov associated with Kadyrov and Russian state Duma Deputy Adam by Delimkhanov. According to some, moles is the figurehead through which Delimkhanov and Kadyrov “rule” their own multibillion-dollar business, says the publication of investigative journalism “Project.”

By studying the cadastral map of a prestigious suburban village “Landscape”, reporters found that instead of three houses on it, marked only by a narrow piece of land with a fence, which is owned by the moles. In 2010, renowned entrepreneur, co-owner “EUROCEMENT” Philaret Galchev has agreed to buy out his partner Georgy Krasnyansky 23.8% stake in the company for $1 billion, but failed to pay. Krasnyansky received only $400 million, and for the rest started to plead. In the end, the Krasnyansky sold the debt to the same Pavel Krotov, after which the businessman paid “instantly”. Two years later, the moles have helped to sort out problems with land not far from Moscow, where he was to build a transport interchange hub.

The then owner of the land Yakov Rovner, despite ties to the FSB, became a defendant in a criminal case due to alleged illegal sale of his land disputes and cases of fraud and organizing a criminal community. However, once a partner of Rovner business became moles, prosecution of Rovner was discontinued. Moles became a co-owner of the business Rovner and his family in Sochi, including the main asset – the market “Avtogarant” and “Sindi-M”, which builds in Kotelniki housing. According to the calculations of the Project, the land assets of companies, co-owner of which was the moles can be estimated at nearly 17 billion rubles.

Sam Rovner in business correspondence reported that he his new partner “solves nothing”, but only performs the instructions of a certain Adam, which, apparently, means the Deputy of the state Duma Adam Delimkhanov. Journalists believe that Pavel Krotov is the figurehead through which Delimkhanov “steers” its multi-billion dollar business. With 53-year-old Muscovite does not appear in the rankings of successful businessmen, although his name is known to the participants of the Forbes list, and the current and former business partners encouraged the journalists to “think about your health”.

In November 2018, it became known that moles acquires the Zlatoust steel mill and metallurgical plant “Red October” in Volgograd. By the time “Red October” have already been declared bankrupt and the owner of both plants Dmitry Gerasimenko associated the bankruptcy with a hostile takeover attempt.

A few months before the moles he contacted Gerasimenko and offered his services in recovery of assets. With Krotov, an agreement was signed, according to which he gets a free share in each of the companies, if he is able to regain control. In the end, “Red October” was transferred to the raiders, and the Zlatoust steel mill remained under the control of Krotov. On the website of the Zlatoust plant moles is now the President, in a press release it called a “controlling shareholder”, although the question of who owns the plant, still only decided in court. Moles forbade the managers to communicate with its former owner, warning that otherwise “take out them in Chechnya”.

In addition, the moles were involved in the scandal of the advocates Bureau “Egorov, Puginsky, Afanasiev and partners”, which in 2015 was engaged in corporate dispute between founders of a fishery holding “Carat” Vitaly Orlov and Alexander Tugusheva. Tugushev in 2003 got rid of his stock because he left the civil service. And came back and required to return his stake in the company, something the eagles did not agree.

Moles and some Artem Runner asked the lawyers to Not pass 33% of the shares: they were not even embarrassed by the fact that one of the founders of the Bureau was a classmate of the President of the Russian Federation Nikolay Egorov. During one of the visits, the visitors had already mentioned Adam Delimkhanov and “his people that when solving problems use machines and remain unpunished.” Krotov himself did not claim to shares and acted in the interests Not: according to journalists, the ultimate purchasers of the shares had become the people of Kazakhstan’s billionaire Kenges Rakishev, which is closely linked with the environment of the first President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev with the same Ramzan Kadyrov.

As an outcome of the Krotov became the mansion with an area of 1 thousand sq. m. on almost 40 acres of land situated on the ruble. a similar property in the settlement “Landshaft” is sold for 500 million rubles. Among other “assets” Krotov – almost 300-meter apartment on Frunzenskaya Moscow, a flat in Paris worth over 6 million euros, two apartments in Florida and an apartment in Cannes for more than a million euros.

In addition, Pavel Krotov got the position of the Russian trade attaché Grenada – a small island in the Caribbean sea, which is a renowned offshore company. In the fall of 2017 in Grenada hosted the first “Russian-Eurasian Caribbean” the conference essentially became a forum on trade citizenship. A Grenada passport gives visa-free entry to 143 countries, including the EU, the UK and China, and the agreement with the USA allows US to obtain a business visa and reside in the United States. On the Grenada forum of interest is not aroused, but there was seen “a lot of Russian”. One of the companies-sponsors of the forum were firm My Caribbean (“My Caribbean”), which is headed by the same moles. And it was in Russia, on the territory of the market “Avtogarant” owned and Krotov Yakov Rovner.

In 2008, the Russian entertainment website Dirty.Ru published a huge photo of the mansion under construction with the caption “Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov cottage”, and then surrounded by Kadyrov asked a question about who is behind the leaked photos of secret Palace of the Chechen leader. According to the “Project,” the photographs reflect the personal Kadyrov’s residence in Tsentoroi, which oversaw the moles.

From documents follows, that inside the residence plan was to build a secret bunker. In the document entitled “comments on the proposed concept of the residence of the President of” the bunker it is recommended to put outside the perimeter of the building and to put him on the underground and also to organize some fake inputs. The President’s quarters are also not recommended to place on the premises of the presidential administration, as there it is possible to carry an explosive device. Only a sketch of the residence cost 7.5 million rubles, which is the entire annual income of Kadyrov.

Krotov himself called his connections with the Chechen elite “pure nonsense,” saying that he has a namesake, “almost namesake”, which decides on corporate disputes and is connected with Adam by Delimkhanov. However, he said that the deal with Galchev held strictly within the law and Zlatoust plant he “just bought”. Your business in Kotelniki and work at the Embassy of Grenada moles to discuss refused, saying that does not work on any of the Chechen elite, “as a Russian Orthodox man.”


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