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Prohibition of bypass a lock adopted in the first reading

The Russian government is preparing a new attack on the free Internet: the state Duma in the first reading adopted a bill prohibiting the bypass of lock of sites previously banned by Roskomnadzor.

Without exception, all the deputies voted for the adoption of this document. Now the bill still awaits its second reading, where the deputies of the state Duma will consider amendments and will make certain changes. The next stage will be third reading, which will decided the fate of the document will become law, or no. But everybody understands that the decision has already been made in advance, as well as the decision on the results of the upcoming elections next spring, so quite soon, loved all the anonymizers and VPN will be outlawed.

That “iron curtain” is very close, is the fact that the document was introduced only on 8 June, i.e. two weeks he was not only studied by the deputies, but adopted unanimously. If things go on like this, the law may come into force on 1 January 2018. It is hoped that it will be executed just like most other laws in our country, and yet we recommend you to pump out all the desired content from torrents and other illegal sites, because you never know when Internet will go not only on the cards a La dial-up, but also for passports.


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