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Professionals tell can I exercise while fasting

Специалисты рассказали, можно ли заниматься спортом во время постаAs it turned out, advent is not a hindrance to sports.

November 28 Christmas fast began, which will last until January 6. Of course, fasting is forbidden to eat food of animal origin. And some days you can’t even eat hot oatmeal or vegetables. It turns out that the diet fasting drastically removed the protein and he in turn is responsible for energy. But what about athletes who train daily and their menu largely consists of protein products? To continue to engage and adhere to the rules of advent! At least, the experts do not see any obstacles in eating vegetarian food and do not skip workouts.

Rules of advent, intersecting with food regulations athletes:

1. Daily you need to eat carbohydrates, i.e. cereals. This is no problem, because physically active people get the necessary carbs from grains, which are the basis of the menu of Christmas post.

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2. Lean on protein. As meat, eggs, dairy products banned, athletes have an alternative — legumes. Yes, they contain vegetable protein, but it is the quality not inferior to the animal. Anyway, for lent can be limited to beans, but after again go to the usual chicken Breasts, eggs and buttermilk. Plus, some days of advent are allowed to eat fish, so that the full protein will still be able to get.

3. Useful fatty acids. Experts say that the Orthodox Church does not prohibit use nuts in the period of advent. It turns out that omega-3 fatty acids that athletes get from fatty fish can be taken from nuts, so in this case, no one will suffer from a lack of necessary trace elements.

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4. Sweets. As the Christmas post, and in the menu of athletes no chocolate, candy, pastry and other sweets. But not forbidden fruits, having less nutrients. And besides, they are sweet! Of course, go easy on the dried fruit is not necessary, but can afford to diversify with their help, diet meatless diet is still possible.

5. Complete refusal of food. On the last day of Christmas lent is forbidden to eat food at all, you can drink only water. For athletes one-day hunger strike is a great way to “unload”, however, to train in the day a normal person will not.

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