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Products for a healthy menu for each day

Продукты для здорового меню на каждый деньHow can we know what is lacking to the body?

Carefully examine the list of 9 almost magical ingredients of a healthy menu every day, and all questions will disappear by themselves.


Calories: 30 kcal (1 tbsp)

What: contained in the composition of the cocoa flavonols help in improving cognitive functions of the brain. It is believed that the cocoa product has on the packaging the words “Non-Dutched” contains more beneficial antioxidants.

Where to add: in addition to traditional chocolate drinks, a small amount of cocoa it is possible to use as seasoning for meat or topping for popcorn or hot sauce.


Calories: 2 kcal (1 piece 2.5 cm)

What: a small dose of powdered ginger, eaten in the morning, increases fat burning by 13.5% in the next few hours. In addition, ginger helps with nausea and digestion and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Where to add: in addition to tea and warming drinks, grated ginger can be added as topping to fruit, in sauces and directly to the finished meat.


Calories: 57 calories (1/4 avocado)

Why: avocados are rich in fiber, potassium, magnesium and beneficial for the cardiovascular system in monounsaturated fats.

Where to add: this fruit is good in salads and meats, as well as supplements to dietary baked goods that avocado can go in grated or shredded in a blender.

Molasses sugar cane

Calorie content: 58 kcal (1 tbsp)

What: more than simple sweeteners like sugar and even honey, the amount of antioxidants makes the syrup a real godsend for those who are experiencing regular physical and psychological stress.

Where to add: except in tea or coffee, molasses is easy to use as filling, e.g. baked beans and lentils.


Calories: 2 kcal (1/4 tsp)

Why: according to research, turmeric helps in the fight against serious viral infections, and also reduces the risk of and occurrence of some cancers and Alzheimer’s disease.

Where to add: a glass of water with a squeeze of her with a slice of lemon and a pinch of turmeric will help run the defense mechanisms in the body, and traditional oatmeal with this spice, in addition, will bring a pleasant variety to your Breakfast.


Calories: 0 kcal (1 tbsp)

Why: due to the fact that in the process of the use of powdered Matti you are, in fact, eat antioxidant-rich sprouts of green tea, which usually remain in the kettle, the body is literally irreparable use. Polyphenols product protect against heart disease and certain types of cancer, normalize blood sugar, and blood pressure itself leads to order.

Where to add: traditionally, matcha is consumed as a drink, but you can also add it to eggs, soup, and even sweet pastries. However, some green teas from China may contain lead, so please enjoy our product in moderation.

Cannabis seeds

Calories: 60 kcal (1 tbsp)

Why: having nothing to do with psychotropic effects on the body cannabis seeds are rich in protein, vitamin E, fiber, iron and essential in the prevention of cardiovascular disease in essential fatty acids, which the body, unfortunately, he can not produce.

Where to add: taste like sesame seeds product can be added to any dish that lacks a nutty flavor, or just for meat poultry and fish with the beaten egg.

Pea protein

Calories: 120 calories (1/4 h)

What: this popular vegetable alternative to animal protein and whey protein allows for a better and more usefully for the body to control your feelings of hunger.

Where to add: in addition, protein shakes, pea protein can be added to baked goods, but only if you believe that one serving will not be too satisfying for you. In any case, be careful with dosage, to your, for example, the batter is not too thick because this Supplement.

Sesame seeds

Calories: 103 calories (2 tbsp)

Why: this product is an indispensable source of calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium, and fiber to the body. Sesame oil is relatively high in fat are very good for the cardiovascular system, and polyphenols (lignans) in the composition of the seeds themselves can help to lower cholesterol and blood pressure and also help your immune system.

Where to add the whole sesame seeds will add a little crunch and nutty flavor to your sauce, and sesame oil can be used as salad dressings.

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