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Productive methods of purification of blood without harm to health

Продуктивные методы очищения крови без вреда для здоровьяIt turns out that in addition to medical procedures for blood purification and can be used effectively in people’s home.

Daily blood gets toxic substances from food and air. But the most susceptible to intoxication the blood of smokers and those who abuse alcohol. After some time of regular poisoning of the blood cells to harmful substances can lead to deterioration of your health, so it’s important to cleanse it.

The fastest and the correct method is plasmapheresis — a procedure in which toxins are eliminated from the blood at the cellular level. This procedure is completely safe and harmless. On the contrary, patients who choose plasmapheresis say that after it, they immediately feel much better. And many of those who tried to clean the blood and it is by this method, was lucky enough to be cured of the diseases that develop because of intoxication of blood.

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How to clean blood home without harm to health:

1. Herbal infusions, decoctions, teas. Excellent job with the function of removing toxins from the blood needles, dandelion, nettle, wormwood, borage, wormwood. You need to fill the grass with boiling water and let infuse, and then drink in the recommended proportions. Or boil a medicinal herb, allow to cool broth, strain and drink a specific recipe.

2. Juices, fruit drinks, fresh juices. In this case, to cleanse the blood best suited cherry, Jerusalem artichoke, carrots, cranberries, celery, parsley, beets or Apple. You must choose one of these products and pass it through a juicer. You can combine some of them for a spicy taste. It is advisable to drink fresh juice at least one month.

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3. Porridge. Experts say that some porridge is excellent to purify the blood, especially if only to use them, drinking green tea. To clean blood you need to eat buckwheat, rice, millet and wheat cereals.

4. Garlic. This super-product is just a few days to cleanse the blood from toxic substances. It can be eaten raw and thermally processed. The juice of garlic has a bit faster, so if things are so bad, you can resort to his help.

5. Berries. It turns out, take care of your blood and clean it from harmful substances you might use a handful of berries, such as Rowan, currant, mulberry, dogwood, barberry, elderberry. However, to completely get rid of the toxins in the blood have to eat fruit every day.

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