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Pro-Russian militants in Donetsk bespredelnichat

Пророссийские боевики беспредельничают в ДонецкеThe inhabitants of the occupied city have shared heartbreaking stories of “spin” and death.

That in the occupied Donetsk boss not “defenders of the Russian language”, and common looters and murderers, I realized even the most desperate supporters of the so-called “DNR”. Donetsk residents share with each other stories about how the militants actually belong to someone supposedly from something to protect.

“We have already started to forget the word “spin” as if it remained in 2014. But it is still relevant. You know how my brother’s car was stolen? Just came three in camouflage uniforms lounged by this unfortunate “penny”, drove ten minutes later the tow truck (obviously standing at the ready), loaded and taken away, – has told Danil from Donetsk. – All the neighbors from the Windows watched, no one snooping to stop. Brother was not at home arrived – he only hands remain to breed. Even the police is not stated – it is useless”.

Residents of Donetsk assured that this is a story with a happy ending. And tell a different, more terrifying.

“At two a.m. the alarm went off in the car, which was placed under a building (around Lenin square, the city center). Is “field” and two kick machine on wheels. Wife tried to yell at the 8th floor, it has its own Board. My spongy friend ran to the car with a bottle of vodka (to resolve the situation). But the company was either not drinking, or have drunk much, but met him with cheers: “well Done, the keys brought us!”. Shot in the forehead, took the car keys and left,” shared wild story from Donetsk Valery Gavrilenko.

And the stories that the militants illegally move into vacant houses and apartments, Donetsk residents perceive as their habitual life.

“In the house opposite the RSC Olympiyskiy a couple of those camouflage live. The owners of the apartment left in 2014 year and the keys were coming to the woman who is looking for housing, told donchanka Julia. She came once at the front door of the castle carved in the apartment the militants have settled. All the things on the balcony piled on a bunch. Allowed the woman to go and pick up the most expensive. She says: “the Most expensive – this apartment, and already you’ve taken!” They laugh, saying: “it was Not necessary for the owners to leave!” The woman says, “So you are the same buses were exported refugees in Russia, he said, trying to save people.” The militants laugh just their stomachs tore. Said, “Well, you’re all morons!”.

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