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Private rail transportation can bankrupt Ukrzaliznytsya

Частные железнодорожные перевозки могут обанкротить УкрзализныцюThe head of Ukrzaliznytsia said about the main threat of bankruptcy of the company.

The head of Ukrzaliznytsia Evgeny Kravtsov has no objection to the private launch thrust, but insists to do it “properly”, otherwise it will be a direct threat of bankruptcy of the company.

“This issue must be addressed at the level of the law, and balanced. Before you allow a private appetite, it is necessary to recognize that in fact the BONDS is deprived of income. Let’s talk about it openly”, – said Kravtsov.

He explained that by starting private cravings, TIES will be picked up and put in private hands, “one of the key sources of income”, while all costs remain the same.

“This is a direct path to financial collapse and bankruptcy”, – said the head of Railways.

According to him, without deciding the issue of financing of passenger transportations and unnecessary infrastructure, “strategically wrong to take the decision on the admission of private traction”.

“I have said many times that, in terms of market development, I don’t mind starting private traction. But it is necessary to correct” – summed Kravtsov.

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