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PrivatBank launched a new service lending

ПриватБанк запустил новую услугу кредитованияPrivatBank has introduced a crediting of physical persons on the security of government securities.

The largest Bank in Ukraine – PrivatBank, the state launched a new service of lending to individuals secured by government securities – the portfolio of government bonds (t-bills).

This was reported in the Bank.

To money secured by government bonds for a period from 1 month to 1 year, but less than the maturity of government bonds for 60 days.

The minimum amount of credit is 50 thousand UAH, the maximum – 75% of fair (market) value of the portfolio of government securities placed on accounts of the Depository institution PrivatBank.

Rate on loans secured by government bonds in PrivatBank will be 18% per annum.

Recall, PrivatBank announced plans by the end of the year to start in Ukraine a new online service selling to individuals bonds domestic Treasury bonds.

Later it became known that several Ukrainian banks are developing a mobile application to launch the purchase of government bonds by individuals.

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